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Hi People,

Thought I had some free time today and would sort out the audio setup in the car!

Whenever friends or family would ask could you put the volume down please, I would think hmm its not even loud in the first place!

I was sitting the back yesterday and damn did I find the rear speakers annoying...bloody hell...felt like ripping them out there and then! They were ridiculous...too tinny and sounded absolute @&%"..guess you get the message.

I'm surprised as they are Earthquakes. So this morning decided to pull up the rear grills and noticed the foam inserts were too big for setup so were just casually sitting on the top, so will go and get some foam tape in a sec to seal them up proper.

Now I noticed this at the back, the standard speakers used to have cups and the foam to seal them....What would you advise here?

Have attached a pic to explain

Would appreciate some advice guys so I can sort this out.
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