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To keep the story short (it is v v long!) I may be about to purchase a grey sports leather interior for an E46 saloon. I would just keep the front seats. I have a tourer and would be taking my non-sports grey leather front seats out (which are compatible with saloons) and selling these as a set with the back seat from the saloon set I would purchase.

First question, is there just one shade of grey available for the E46 (other than the much darker chameleon grey/black)? I ask as I need to be sure that the mixed sets would be the same colour.

Second question, what do you think I could sell a grey leather, manual, standard E46 saloon set for? - all in very good condition. There will also be 4 grey door cards speakers and door handles.....

Third question, I also have an E46 black fabric driver's seat with manual control but seat heating and lumbar control. Any idea how much that might achieve?

I'm trying to work out how much I might realistically achieve for these to cover the cost of buying the complete grey leather sports seats.....

And this is the cut down version of the story!


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Andy, a good way to see what you might achieve for the seats is to do a search on Ebay for 'leather seats' then look down the menu on the left hand side of the screen and tick the box by 'completed listings'.

You will get a list of all the listings that have sold (or not sold) and the price they made.

Remember, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Why is it that when you want to buy something yourself, the prices always seem to be high:confused :hihi

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