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Hi I have a friend who is looking at getting an M3 around a 2002 age. Is there anything he should be looking out for on these cars? Do they have all the common faults of the E36 like the rear bushes and the cam sensor? Also does it get any vanos faults? Is the smg best left alone? Any advise would be much appreciated.



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Never saw this one get posted???

Well, IIRC around 2002 the e46 M3 had problems with the shells on the crank, I will look into it for you

As Ronnie mentioned, the M3's of that age suffered from bottem end failure. I know a few customers and friends who had this problem and BMW had to put the end I think it was a recall.

Check that the car has had these done? if would check with BMW if they are still covering this failure if not then I would jog on.

If its an SMG, then I would walk away- try and find a manual.

People I know who have had the SMG's have had nothing but trouble and to be honest when it comes to SMG problems- the dealers are not too clued up and end up calling out a Master Technician.

Also, I would never even consider buying an E46 M3 that has not had the run-in service done from new- many owners skipped this and BMW suggested that this is vital as it then has the valve clearances checked and adjusted accordingly.

need to check what oil has been added to the car over the years should be castrol Edge 10w/60 all the way through. If not forget it, move on.

Theses cars are not selling at the moment and there are plenty out there- take your time and find the right one.
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