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OK, i've just completed my window trim removal and painted the crome pieces black and re-attached!, i am writing a how to, but for the observant among you i have used some photos i found on another site, as mine would have been the same, minus the colour,
First pic shows car with crome trim.

Job 1, and the easiest. i opened the windows(all 4, will explain why in a mo)
This is the easiest job. pull the window rubber away from the car to expose the screws, be carful at the front though, as there is a wire going from the a post in to the door rubber. you can also take the rubber off the back window at the same time. completly remove this piece for the most access.

Before you start to undo the screws you need to open up the rear window, Using a flat head screw driver you pop the plastic cone off!, then the ball just slips out of the cup. i then used a towel rolled up and carfully jammed it in the hinge part of the window, this opened the window far enough out to get access to the screws in the window trim,

Next take out all the screws, (cross heads) i started from the front, 1 behind the glass is a little fiddly, but not a problem, the last 4 are small, so don't mix them up!
the trim will now just come off:thumbsup

On to the door, i pulled back the rubber in the end of the door, but only a little, after some advice, and i stress gentley prise the end upwards while going down the strip with a flat blade screw driver, (which i rested on my credit card as not to scratch the paint!,) do not rush this job!!!!! or the trim will bend!.

When you get to the mirror part, it will pull towards you (more of a slide really) to release it from under the window. Once removed you will see that where you first started to lift the trim there is a notch that the trim will sit back in when refitting!

If you are painting it like me then have fun, if your just swapping to shadowline then refit in revearse order!

The rear section is a little bit of a pain, i am going to spray mine on the car, but you can remove this, you need to pop out the plastic gomet in the front section of the rear quarter, then apply some heat to this section as its stuck on tight. use the screw driver technique and carfully try to prise it off, it will leave glue behind that you need to remove, then once refitting get some double sided tape to re adear to the car! been told you can use dental floss to reome the trim, bit like debadgeing, but unsure?

Here are some after pictures, still need to do the window trim to the rear though!

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