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First post!

Just got a minter of an E46 325i but there are a couple of niggles I need to sort out:

1. The BMW radio was replaced by an aftermarket one. I want to put the original back in but the previous owner cut the antenna connection and soldered a generic one on. Does the antenna lead run all the way from the receiver at the rear headliner? I can't see all the way into the radio compartment so I don't know if there's an intermediate connection.

If it does run all the way front-back, can that lead be bought as a spare? If it can't, can I splice a connector on from a scrapped car? Failing this, are there compatible after-market antennas?

2. The BC (computer cycle) button on the stalk doesn't work. I've ordered that stalk, but are there any fuses I should check? I've looked around (including in here) and it seems to be a common problem but nobody can seem to agree on which fuses affect the OBC.

Many thanks!

Mark A.
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