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Hello to everyone.

So I have E46 330D M57D30TU 204PS Touring with Mtech2 suspension settings and the car feels floaty, appears to be mainly in the back.
Even If I lightly touch the wheel at 50 miles I can feel the weight of the car being transferred one side to another.
The front suspension is refreshed with new sway bar bushings, Mayhle HD ftab, Rear has powerflex rtab and new shocks sachs 556 882.
Tyres are inflated in correct values.
I can't find any problems with the suspension neither a technician.

I've owned a 320D Sedan with Mtech 2 suspension and it was way firmer than this one. Even with 16" rims and 205 tyres. All bone stock.

Is the 3 litre diesel and touring setup too heavy ?
Has anyone run into the same problem?
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