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Yesterday I had flat battery, called out AA, battery not keeping charge, so got new one fitted.
They gave a live feed, so power not interrupted....
All great yesterday....

Today driving into london for meeting.
Near destination hed warning lights flash on dash.
Handbrake light (yellow not red)
ABS light (yellow)
DSC light (yellow)

Also the brakes shuddered a couple of times, as if ABS coming on although I was only travelling a few mph and roads dry etc.....

Park up, go to meeting.
About 3 hours later start up again.
Part way home (in traffic)
Same lights, same problems.....
Also battery light flashed momentarily, about 3 times.
When I get on faster road (free moving motorway) no lights, all sems ok.

Got home with no other lu=ight problems......

One other point, all electrics seem "underpower"...... lights seem a bit dim, wipers seem slower than usual......

Any ideas??

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Check the battery terminals are tight first, then use a multimeter and check the charge rate with the lights off and then lights on and other consumables, get someone to hold the revs up, you may have a alternator over charging causing your battery to die in the first place
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