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Typical 3 dash lights indicating an ABS problem are showing on my car.

The lights are not always present, but very intermittent, showing up together in a random way, possibly over bumps and when cornering, but on other occasions they will show from startup.

A local garage says that on the move the wheel speed sensors are working, and that the problem is in the ABS Module with low hydraulic pressure (but they are not sure), they have purged the hydraulics, and replaced a sensor in the ABS Block, but the lights are still present.

My Peake diagnostic tool does not show any fault codes?

Recently the tyres were replaced, with tracking corrected, could a wheel speed sensor or connection have been damaged?
I've read that tracking itself could be the source of this problem, though it seems questionable to me!

If it turns out to be the ABS Module is there a recommended repair service?

Thanks, Are

The car has had another ABS diagnostic which lists 2 faults :-

115, capteur de pression (ABS pressure sensor showing low pressure, temporary interference), the ABS block sensor has just been replaced!

105, Commande securite freinage (rebond) plausibilte. This is I think for the handbrake.

If anyone knows what the codes mean in English it would be a great help. Thanks Are
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