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Question on early E46 cabriolet 323CiC MY 2000 locks - a transition model - new shape - old engine - before E46 engine range turned up

Appearance: There is a keyhole on the drivers door, There is a keyhole on the boot/trunk, But there is no key hole on the passenger door. Blanked off. No stick the key in here underneath feature like later MY

The central locking is not working reliably for unlock with the fob and has most likely a failed stuck/GM5 central locking relay for passenger door based on diagnosis software
Meanwhile the passenger door is deadlocked shut - which gels with the fact that the interior handle does not open it either regardless of whether the car is running

Driveable - the key lock works with a key for the drivers door, drives car and also locks a % of the time with the button but reluctant to do unlock cycle at all.
Petrol flap access also not unlocking but was reactivated by disabling plastic tab by chisel method avoiding range anxiety - problem solved.
So the actual lock problem is a duff GM5 relay or wiring loom or quite possibly at this point a combo item of both = trip to autoelectrician

As a short term measure - my question is this - if I attempt to lever off the body colour blanking part "cap" off the passenger handle will I find

a) the rest of the assembly stays put and a keyhole is underneath still attached to the car (result joy) - open door with key
b) it resists removal and the whole thing is a dummy assembly bolted through the door in similar manner to the key cylinder ones. This likely achieves a scratched or snapped off plastic cover on a locked door (result misery)

Access to remove via grommet + allen key on the door rear edge when open is off the menu until or unless the GM5 issue gets fixed and of little help at this point anyway

If this had a conventional keyhole underneath and the door became accessible it would ease matters considerably re MOT and usability and I can then fix GM5 at leisure (or indeed not bother and go back the 1980's era of no central locking - a happy time.

Has anyone had one of these to bits on a similar car or knows a workable way to get this passenger door open ? Toggling on the OBD laptop was no good.

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