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Thought i'd post this up to help any other E39 owners who do the following mod. When i did it i found various opinions, info and mistakes regarding what is/isn't needed.

If your car doesn't have electric folding mirrors, you WILL require a new passenger door module. It doesn't matter if you have sports seats, memory or electric seats if the car doesn't have folding mirrors you will need a new module - end of!

they can be picked up off ebay or QuarryMotors etc. I paid £40 for my module, ideally you want a module out of an M5 as this is the only module gaurenteed to have the fold function. the module is fitted to the passenger door under the door card, no special tools needed to change it, simply undo the two screws holding it to the door and unplug the connectors.

the second item required is a new drivers door control panel which has the fold button on it (square button to the right of the mirror switch) These are pretty easy to come by, prices are anywhere between £60 for a muggy one to £100 + for a clean one. I paid £40 for mine brand new :D

Fitting is very easy, simply remove the current one fitted to the drivers doors card and swap over.

last item needed is of course the mirrors. Genuine M5 folding mirrors go for £600 + on ebay second hand, new they are well over £1000

Replica's can be had for £170-£200. I personally bought mine from SSDD motorsport, they cost £200 but the £170 ones from China etc would be due import tax etc so it works out about the same.

Word of warning however, the replica's will have "E1" stamped on the inside edge of the mirror - you'd be hard pressed to find it if you didn't know it was there but this is a sure fire way of determing replica's from genuines.

So there you have it, no coding by BMW needed, doesn't matter what interior you have this can be done.
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