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It started a month ago when I discover my fog light is cracked, I did not like that at all but as I never use them I have not change them, so today I just grab a peace of 35% window tint (I had leftovers from my car window tinting) and heavy duty clear car paint protection film and wrapped my fog lights

Just clean with spirit all around, applied window tint and than clear film, I am satisfied with result :thumbsup
2014-02-16 15.03.07.jpg 2014-02-16 17.00.18.jpg
Later I find nice way how to make side lights look black not orange, I just sprayed them with very thin layer of black paint, but be really careful, and don't apply tick coat in one time, other way all orange lacquer will peel off 2014-02-16 17.06.56.jpg
Hope my method to spray side lamps will be useful for someone ;)
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