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Hi there I am new to this site as a member.
The car is an E39 2000 2.8i.
It came with single slot cd player and I purchased a cd changer and a tape head unit off ebay. The changer arrived before the tape player and I connected the changer up in the boot to see if it would eject the cartridge which it did. The cd head unit no longer functioned from that point. I disconnected the changer and then when the tape player arrived I connected it up and it works beautifully. I am scared now to try the changer back in as I do not wish to blow the cassette head up. Could the I bus connection have caused this or would a bad changer cause this? Indeed, can the cables be checked somehow?
No fuses were blown including the fuse on the back of the cd head unit and the 15min battery trick did not fix it.
I would be most grateful for any help please.
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