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Very sadly I am having to admit defeat with keeping my beloved Aspen Silver 540i 6sp manual on the road, mainly as cost to repair rust for me makes it no longer worthwhile (MOT failed as rust is near rear seatbelt anchors OSR inner & NSR inner and would cost me too much to pay someone to weld it as needs fuel tank removing to get at location to fix), so I've finally replaced it with another 540i BMW. I've had this one nearly 15 years (since 30k miles) and it's been in my family since new.

Car was very good spec (sunroof, removable towbar etc) and has been extremely well maintained with FSH (although now 186 k miles), and even had recent front (13k ago) & rear (9k ago) suspension springs/shocks replacement. Also new alternator & timing chains (29k ago), steering pump (11k ago), battery (1k ago). Starts and drives wonderfully as a result, but now sadly SORN. For MOT pass it does also need (OSR & NSR upper outer) suspension arm ball joints/covers replacing. Only other known problems with it are that the 6CD sometimes stops playing for few seconds (loose wire?), and mainly that it is now really showing its age with several rusted areas on the bodywork. So, would make a good project for anyone interested in doing it up who has the needed skills and time.

Alternatively, if someone simply wanted to use it for hard/expensive to get parts to maintain another 540i, or even for the engine (just about run in now at 186k for this 4.4 litre beast!) it could be a good option.

Therefore wanted to post it on here first to see if anyone interested. If so, please PM me for more details/pics, as I'd like to see it go to another BMW enthusiast! Otherwise, I will post on ebay in next few days.

Sad to see it go...but I've had a good run with it and I really hope it may yet have some more miles in it for someone else who has time to put into the bodywork!

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