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(This is a long post, so if anyone doesn't bother to read the whole, just scroll down to summary ;) )

My problems started when I noticed there was not coming any heat into the cabin, and the coolant temp never would reach 12 o'clock mark in the dash.

At first I thought that the termostat was stuck open, but thought this was strange since it was only 2 years old (40000km) and i did a major cooling system overhaul last summer.

So I opened the expansion tank, and was suprised to see the entire tank was clogged with gunk..
I pulled off all the coolant hoses, and everyone was completely
Clogged. ..

I checked my oil level and it was fine.
And also checked the oil filler cap, which was also fine.

So I spent 2 weeks cleaning the entire cooling system, and we're fairly sure it was clean.
I thought maybe that when the termostat was changed 2 years ago ( Before my diy days began :p )
That maybe the mechanic's had mixed different coolants, and when I replaced my old last year, there was some old left coolant left in the system?

So I searched around on the net, and came to the conclusion that It had to be oil that got mixed with the coolant.
Going after this theory, I did a compression test on the cylinders, which all gave good results.

But at this point I concluded that it had to be a minor leak in the head gasket. Oil to coolant.

But before I started to tear the engine apart, I wanted to be sure that my theory about maybe different coolants had been mixed.
So I refilled the cooling system, and went for a 15min long drive.
Came back and checked the expansion tank.. and it was completely Clogged again..

Definitely head gasket then..

So this leads me to present time.
I have now separated the top from the engine block, and inspected the head gasket.
From what I've seen, all surfaces looks fine.
And I can't see or feel any cracks...

Does anyone have any experience from having the top resurfaced? And results afterwards?

I'can't uploaded pictures right now, but if anyone wants to have a picture of anything, just let me know and I'll upload later.

Coolant had become gunk
No oil loss, and engine oil looks fine.
Engine separated, no visible cracks and headgasket looks fine

Car har overheated 2 times before. First time 60000km ago related to water pump, second time 30000 km ago related to termostat.
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