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As you from the UK have more experience with this i am posting this here.

I have had some problems with Power, so i changed the LMM (MAF) to a Pierburg, Put in a new pressure converter (pierburg), new vacuum hoses, cleaned all pipes etc and in the end i noticed my MAP sensor being very dirty. Cleaned the Old BMW OEM MAP sensor and put it back in, however that morning i found a MHK101060L MAP sensor for € 45 including transport to Holland so i bought it.

MHK101060L is the part number from Range Rover and 2246977 is the part number for BMW. on ROVER MHK101060L it shows all the numbers for the part.

It took around 10 days untill i got the new MAP sensor and the car ran very good, Low consumption, a lot of power, i would have never bought the MAP sensor if i'd knew letting it soak for 2 hours in electrical contact cleaner would do the job. Anyway, this morning i put the new MAP sensor in, From Britpart, and not so great anymore. Car still pulls but not as it should. tend to hold in and consumption is a fraction higher.

Does one of you have experiences with Britpart (not interchangeable with BMW maybe?) or could it be i just got a faulty unit .. ?
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