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Sorry no pics, but there isn't too much to see.

We'll set the scene-

BMW Philips Business radio,
6 disc CD Changer
4:3 screen
Sat Nav
No Phone or Phone Prep.

To be installed
Dension Gateway 300 (V1/400 or V2 unknown!)

**this is what I have done, and it works**

If you have the screen, there is no radio in the dash, the actual radio is in the boot.
Get access to the changer by undoing 2 screws on the far side, then it'll lift up and roll forward out of the way. Don't unplug it.

Remove the light bulb cluster set, there is a half turn locker in the middle, and it'll draw out taking the bulbs with it to give you more space.

On mine, the radio was tight in against the back lights, on a bracket. Look for the aerial connector and the multiplug right in the corner.

You can remove the bracket by loosening 3 10mm screws at the bottom, one that clamped on the GPS receiver behind the changer, and one on the back/top of the radio.

You should now be able to roll the radio back and it will unhook 2 small legs in rubber mounts at the bottom and lift out for access.

Slide the cam lock clip on the connector and it will lift out the radio plug, It may be stiff.
On the OEM plug, look for a blue clip that locks both the Nav and Changer miniplugs into the main plug.
Unclip at the far side, and slide out the blue clip. You can now fish the CD changer cable out and get it out of the way. Keep hold of the Nav control cable, and fit the Nav cable and the Dension connector into the NEW adaptor loom.

Looking directly at the pins of the plug, the 2 (if you have 2 that is...) mini plugs will be at the bottom, Nav on the left, Changer on the right.

Push the nav and gateway cable into position in the NEW loom and slide the blue clip back in to hold them.

You can now fit this back into the radio head.

connect the old radio plug into the other end of the new gateway loom and you should now have the gateway plug coming off the middle, and the spare unplugged changer lead loose.

Refit the brackets and radio and the install is almost complete.
All that is left to do is feed your Ipod cable through a vent in the changer area.

The ipod WILL be in the boot.

Bolt the changer back into position, and I believe you still need to keep at least 1 disc in there. The changer power cable remains, just the data one loose.

Plug in a usb stick with your track on and it should start playing on CD mode.

If you have the V1 or gw400, follow this-

I tried this with no obvious effects, so I assume I had a V2. No harm in trying...

for a V2,
unplug all inputs, USB and Aux and follow this

You can select one text mode, either the 4:3 screen or the dash.
Due to pixels, I chose the 4:3.

My screen did shut down a couple of times and restarted after trying to select FF to set it, but somehow it worked in the end.

After plugging the USB stick back in, text come up on the screen and all is working OK.

Generally that bits that got me stuck was knowing where to fit it (in the boot) and that text needed to be activated (and that was a bit tricky)

approx 20 mins fitting time I think. I didn't bother with the extra ground wire, but everything seems OK.
You may be able to have the changer empty, or disconnect it, but I didn't and it works fine.

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I have one pic which may help.
It wasn't intended for this, but does show some parts.

Middle of the pic is the sat nav unit in silver, the thin black wire with a silver tab is the GPS aerial heading to the GPS receiver just out of shot.

Bottom right is the top of the fitted changer, and just in the left is the radio unit, with the multiplug you'll be using.
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