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Hi to all,

I have only just become a BMW owner, having just bought a 1997 528 touring.

The major problem with it is that the tailgate window wont open with the switch under the wiper handle, well it wont open at all unless I actually move the actuator bar by hand (having removed the tailgate inner trim of course).

I have tested the actuator which is ok and the actual switch which is also ok and even checked the microswitch that tells the car that the window is closed or open inside the latch, even that is working.

So I,m thinking there must be a relay controlling the actuator as the little switch definately does not have the capacity to carry enough current to operate the actuator without some kind of help, relay, transistor etc.

My big problem is that I cannot find anything about the whereabouts of such a device in either the owners manual or my haynes manual! Any ideas folks?

Any information would be massively appreciated and I will post a follow up.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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