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Hi All

I have just bought a 99 728i, it is a tidy car but has a few annoying faults, any help would be appreciated. Here we go......

1. The Air con. The Compressor kicks in when switched on but no cold air, it then starts to whine after a while. Before i just re-gas, anyone else had any experience on this?
2. The radio/nav works, but, all the buttons do random things, the most accurate way to operate is via the steering wheel controls. I have found out that a Double Din is not an easy option.
3. The display on the main dash has lost pixels, has anyone got any contacts in the Manchester area? Or is it easy to remove the binnacle and send it off? To who? any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for the advice, i am using this for 3,000 mile road trip in September and could really do with the above working!


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