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I own a 318ti 1995 (E36 M42) and I can't accelerate when the engine doesn't reach is normal operation temperature. It mean when the weather is low (0 to 15 celcius), the engine cut off/jerk at 2-3000 rpm. The cut off progressively desappears. When the weather is high (20 to 30 celcius), the jerk/cut off engine is notificable at 4-5000 rpm until normal operation temperature.

Otherwise, the car run very good. I live in Canada, I can't imagine what this problem look during winter.

What I check/replace

-Spark plug ok/spark plug cable are new
-Idle is good, ICV cleaned
-Engine temp. sensor new
-Do not seem have vaccum leak (brake cleaner test ok)
-resoldering DME
-No CEL on
-code 1286 stored in DME, but I don't think there a link between my problem

Any idea?


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You could disconnect the oxygen sensor and see if it improves.
You could also disconnect the air flow meter and see if it improves (M42 still has mechanical flap I think, but I think the DME can run in limb-mode without it, not 100% sure though)
You're sure you changed the ECU/DME engine temp sensor, and not the instrument panel engine temp sensor (not sure if it's a combined sensor in the M42)?
Did you check the DISA valve?

It would be good to drive the car to someone who can read the live-values (INPA software for example), with the engine running.. You'd probably spot what's the problem.

Good luck! Cheers Ed
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