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Hi all,
I use the sat nav quite alot now and have been wanting to do a sat nav conversion in to the make it unique like the rest of the car:D
So i thought I'd do a little 'how to' of how I did it (well started off) haven't yet purchased the new sat nav, will be a 5inch widescreen one if it's the right price.

Anyway I have taken several pics along the way to show how it can be done.

Now...I cant see the pics as they are in the attachments below so if I miss a few things forgive me but the pics are pretty self explanatory.

-Started off by removing the clock and gubbings trays
- remove the cigarette lighter and immobiliser l.e.d

- Cut the cigarette lighter gubbin along the groove where it attaches to the compartment box *make sure you cut along this line as the console is offset and will give you a perfectly square plate to make:thumbsup
-once cut, put back in to its compartment in the centre console and measure the empty square you have remaining to the OUTER edges (the inner is what the new plate will sit on).

- get some card and mark out the square you have measured.

- test fit so it sits on the ledges of the perimeter of the console.

-now for the plastic brackets (these are the ledges the plate for the sat nav will screw to)
- as you can see I used plastic but you can use what ever you see fit lol.

-before you bond the brackets to the console make sure you clean both surfaces..I used white spirit.

- then bond, I used a glue gun...very strong bond (I think the heat helped)

Re-assemble it all make sure it all lines up and mark the screw holes up to your brackets.

Then draw a sat nav picture on the bit of card you have and you can pretend you have a sat nav for now like me:rofl until you go get one to fit.

I will get some 2mm steel sheet tomorrow and start the proper plate and it will be covered in carbon sheet:)

More to come.


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What are you gonna do for a stereo??
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