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Hi all new to this forum and jist got my e36 to play with so looking for some friendly advise please. :)

Ok so just got my e36 318i saloon after searching and failing for a coupe. Now I'm wanting to get an engine to put into it. I don't have a massive knowledge on cars and first time I've even looked into bmws and I've had a look around but can't find an answer for my specific question. Probably because I'm searching for the wrong thing.

Originally I wanted to put the 2.8 engine into the car. However I mentioned to the breaker that I may want to put a turbo on it in the future. He said that the 2.8 has an ally head on it which would blow. Which is fair enough he's probably correct.

He told me that he had an early 2.5 engine that has a cast iron head on it which are better for turbo if I ever wanted to do it.

The 2.8 engine was 400 with everything that I'd need for the conversion. Or 450 with remap ecu and ews delete I think it was.
The 2.5 was 500 engine alone and 650 with everything I would need to do the conversion.

I also mentioned to the same person that I was interested in buying 330 front brakes. He told me that 328 and e46 330 brakes were the exact same and the he would sell me the 328 brakes front and back for £80. However I have been looking into what he told me about the brakes and everything so far has told me otherwise, so you can maybe see why I am a little hesitant to believe him about the engine

I don't want the engine for a few weeks but he told me the 2.5 engines go pretty fast and if I were to put a deposit on it. He would save it for me. Otherwise the engine would be sold this weekend more than likely.

I really don't know enough about it to make a rash decision like this. And 8 really dony want to buy tue wrong engine for whst 8 want. So if anyone could comfirm what he's saying is true and if it seems a fair deal that would be great.
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