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I've had my bonnet cable changed and the mechanic has obviously knocked something which runs the remote key fob alarm and central locking. Symptoms are:

- No central locking by the key.
- No central locking from the fob.
- No alarm when unlocking with the key.

Think 1979 Fiesta 950 Pop - leaning over to let your passengers in and taking the keys out the ignition to let the traffic warden out of the boot.

My mechanic has just changed the bonnet cable, so I assume he's knocked something in there and I will be having a look this weekend. The thing is, he's a good bloke and he's quite cheap, so while it's his fault the German thing to do is try and fix it myself (ourselves).

Does anyone have any idea where/what he has knocked/snapped/broke?

The battery is fine in the key - I've checked both fobs which were bang on before the car went in.

Any hints, tips or Anthrax-laced letters are much appreciated.
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