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Hey guys thought i would let you know about rear wheel bearing escapade after i asked about various things to try and do it myself, i didnt quite know what i was getting into i think i previously did a wheel bearing on my Gf's Golf which only took about and hour so didnt think much of it other than having to get it pressed in.

Well i started in the rain on my gravel drive managed to crack the inner driveshaft bolts (they are tight!) dropped the anti roll bar, took the 30mm nut off the drive shaft axle and began to hit it with a large hammer and plenty of WD40 after using several drifferent hammers and nothing working i decided to put it all back together and give it to my local garage :embarrassed

i dropped it off there being told it would be £130 i had the bearing already, they told me to call at 2.30 which i did and they told me after hitting it with a hammer and not being able to do it, i asked if they had something to bolt onto the hub and press it out 'no' he replied :jaw-dropping if i knew that i probably would have taken it somewhere else lol.

Anyway he said he took the whole lot off the car and onto the work bench and hit it with a 'sledge' but to no avail... he said call back at 3 and ill have heated it up by then and if that doesnt move it then you may want to ask around for a second hand hub!

I then started to think great what am i going to do :mad i phoned around 12 different breakers/scrap yards and they all only had the 316 or 318 so no discs on the back... :eek after not being able to find anything i then got a call back saying he managed to shift it!! :) he said come by tomorrow cos i snapped the bolt that adjusts the camber so i got one on order from bmw that i can get tomo.

I called him up and he drove it the job was done.

In the end he charged me £207 cos of the 'extra hastle'

so my wallet is much lighter but its back on the road, i did miss it even if it was one day !

maybe we should chip in a buy a press and pass it round when we need :rofl

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