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Hi, thought I would drop a note on how to successfully change the outer balljoints on an E36 without changing the whole arm (I know it's easier to change the arm but on a Sunday they're hard to find AND they're £60 each!)

Here's how I did both this afternoon in about 3 hours:-

  1. Remove the Arm
  2. Cut off the rubber cover from the old balljoint.
  3. Cut off the stud from the balljoint using an angle grinder.
  4. Cut off the metal bar across the back of the balljoint also using the grinder.
  5. Hold the "eye" of the arm with the balljoint in a large vice and heat with a plumbers blowtorch.
  6. Once it's really hot you can knock through the centre section and it will fall out (thats why I cut off the stud - to make the knocking out easier).
  7. Carefully cut through the remaining outer section of the old balljoint to release tension and let you knock it out with screwdriver.chisel. Be careful not to cut too far and damamge the "eye" of the arm.
  8. Put some heat into the eye again using the blowtorch.
  9. Using a big vice and a couple bits of pipe/big sockets for spacers, push the new balljoint in but.....
  10. it slowly and gently tap the "eye" as you do it to help the new balljoint make its way through.

Like I said, about 3 hours in total to do the job. Saving around £90 as the new balljoints were £15 a side.

Car feels much better now and the annoying little rattle from the front end has disappeared.


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Thanks for this dave. I have now moved the thread to the "How To/Guides" section:thumbsup
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