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Hi all,

MODS -Sorry if this is repeated from the E31 8 Series Forum but no one seems to be replying with any more ideas, so I hope that it is okay to post here.

Since I got my 8 Series the alarm flasher -known as the Tell-Tale light from the interior of the car has not been flashing when I lock the car. So I checked all the fuses and all is well. I then checked the voltage across the LED Tell-Tale flasher from inside the car using a multimeter, while I'm locked in the car (so that the alarm becomes active), and there simply isn't any voltage or anything showing on the multimeter. So, I decided this time I should see if the alarm is working so there I was inside the car jumping up and down and nothing was going off!!! I could turn on the exterior lights, move the gearstick from P to any other gear!!

So that is why I've came to this Forum section, as I think it is more appropriate and also becuase I really am not sure what to do next or where to go to.

Many thanks in advance,

BMW 840ci

P.S Here is the full original link from the E31 Forum, from the beginning...
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