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I don't particularly want to sell her but as I'm not working, I can't pay a BMW specialist to look at the steering and taking things apart to do it myself is one step too far, it's time I sold her. The cost of petrol without a job means I'm limited in my travelling which is the real deal breaker for me right now.

I'm looking for £4100 - I'm after BMW 5 diesel estate and I know one car locally :)

She's done 92k, I've had her about 3 years and used her every day for work which was a short journey. MOT September, tax 31/07/2014

I've had new spring and bushes at the rear-recently and have receipts for that. Serviced her three times now, and she runs beautifully. In the first year there were minor issues causing her to go into fail safe mode; £400 later the problems have never returned.

It might seem strange to write out all the stuff that might put a buyer off, but I figure most here know what they are looking at and would rather not waste time if the concerns are more than they want for the price.

Bad bits or Work to be done:
Diagnose and sort steering wander-it's not ballpoints or track rod ends. I've driven her a lot and noticed this getting worse, though she passed MOT fine with it. I've not done it as I'm too chicken and don't have quite enough experience to be removing manifolds (required to gain access to the steering box adjustment I'm told).

ABS warning light comes on-I've instructions for cleaning out a slave return pump that apparently is the cause-I was quoted 1500 for a new one.
Head lining at the rear seems to have detached-I may be able to sort this.
Seat levers, both sides need new ones, I fixed one side by remoulding the plastic join. I may source new ones as once the plastic shell is off, it's trivial to sort.
I usually have to inflate two of the tyres regularly-it's not a slow puncture, I've had all new ones. It's something to do with the alloys apparently.
Couple of places where an inch square of lacquer has peeled.
Computer display has the usually matrix issues however you can read it. She lies about a number plate light-it works!?
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