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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum but have owner E30 BMW's for the last 25 years.. I really need some help from you guys...

I have a E30 BMW convertible which is fitted with a hydro-electric power roof - Unfortunately for me the roof has stopped working as there seems to be no power e.g. the button for opening and closing the roof is not lighting up and nothing happens when it is pressed - I've checked the power supply to the switch and the roof Control Unit & also the micro-switches and it looks like the control unit is getting power but not working.
Has anyone else had this issue?

It would be useful if anyone could recommend a reliable company that could check/repair the roof control unit e.g. not a company that charge £80 and say they can't fix it.. OR if anyone knows where I could get a replacement.

You guys no doubt already know this but the E30's convertibles were either fitted with twin electric motors or like mine with the hydraulic pump & electric motor combo - I think both options are problematic when they go wrong but any guidance will be appreciated
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