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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, so hope someone can help. I have a 1990 320i convertible which was fitted with a 3T alarm system in 1997. I purchased the car last year but am a bit puzzled with the alarm. The alarm functions as the instructions suggest, the indicators flash, the siren beeps, and the doors lock except that there is no led on the dash. It also has the interior movement sensors fitted.The only small red light I can find anywhere is beneath the rear number plate. I have removed the covering from inside the boot and find that this light is connected to a short lead which terminates in a 2 pin plug, could not find anything to plug this in to. Does anyone know if these official dealer fitted alarms where sometimes fitted without the dash led, or does the light under the rear number plate have something to do with it? Perhaps someone has a wiring diagram.
Many thanks
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