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PLEASE NOTE THE PRICE IN THIS LISTING IS ONLY THERE BECAUSE THE THREAD CANNOT BE COMPLETED WITHOUT IT. Actual price will depend on who comes up with the best offer and whether various parts/extras are wanted with the vehicle.

My much loved 325i Touring is going to be moved on and it's going to crease my soul because there is nothing elso out there like it in numerous ways, but it's getting to a time where it really needs someone who can properly treat it as a collector's car. I have had the car since 2006 and done my best to maintain it in original condition and would very much like it to go to someone who will value it on that basis. There seem to be all too few of this type kept in original condition.
It has its original a 'semi-sport' specification with Recaro front bucket seats
M-Tech gear change and M-Tech 1 steering wheel.
The gear-change and hand-brake gaiters are a matching pair in black leather with discreet red and blue stitching. The handbrake has a leather grip.
BBS split-rim proper alloy wheels in the wider 205/55/15 spec - also the
Large hex wheel cover spanner.
FaceLift side trims with the especial and extremely rare facelift front mudguards (I waited several years to find those).
Original BMW branded rear mudguards are also fitted.
There is a specially made two part marine tonneau material full luggage area (i.e. including when the seats are down) cover protecting the floor area.
A dog guard is incorporated in the luggage roller-blind screen unit with metal (not the normal plastic) location/anchor points.

Colour: 294 Lazurblau met
Upholstery: Anthracite & black
Mileage; 218,000
MOT: 12 months from 30th October.

The metal roof mounting points for the dog-guard are available but, not currently fitted.
A full set of E30 branded rubber mats in new condition. (Very slight wear on driver’s side)
Also set of front carpets in black with driver’s mat marked ‘3 series’ on the front.
The twin downlight sport rear view mirror.
Has the original fully functioning (illumination bulb needs replacing) On Board Computer with External Temperature Sensor in the n/s front brake air duct , together with steering wheel stalk control.
The headlamp pneumatic height control (for towing) still works.
Engine is very sweet. No obvious oil consumption and little or no tappet noise. Has always been properly warmed up before using any performance, thereby keeping wear to a minimum.
Two new front tyres
Body work is mainly sound but paint work is starting to look tired. Wheel arches are always washed to avoid poultices of muck holding there and causing corrosion. Colour is dark metallic blue with double silver coaching lines.
Any found internal (or out of view) rust areas have been treated with Waxoil or underseal, as appropriate.
Original tool kit/jack/wheel stop & original unused First Aid Kit
Tow bar with fully functioning electrics.
Fully functional 'original' Pioneer KE-3060 Radio/Cassette.

OTHER PARTS AVAILABLE: (which might go with the car or, sold separately)
Heated wing mirrors with wiring looms
Heated windscreen washer jets with wiring looms.
11 13 1 739 234 SUMP GASKET
Tailgate lower window rubber, still in BMW bag with label.
Two compartmented boxes of assorted spare trim retainers, instrument panel bulbs, screws and the like.
Thule locking roof rack with dedicated fitments for the E30.

Sunroof: Left and right drive cables (the current one is distorted). Sunroof motor was fine when last used.
Rotary fan control. Point 3 not working.
Heater control panel & OBC illumination lights need replacing.
Headlamp wiper motors with the extremely difficult to get hold of new rubber weather seals.
Brake pad sensors need replacing.
Central locking system. All locks used to work. Presumed to be control unit which is the issue.
Clutch master cylinder has slow leak.
The check control system. Went wrong when LED indicator lights were fitted. Now will show two reds (top left) when headlamps are on, otherwise it shows just one red.

AT THIS TIME THE PLAN IS TO MOVE IT ON IN THE SPRING BUT, IF THE RIGHT OFFER COMES IN BEFORE THEN I MAY MOVE IT ON EARLIER. So am putting the information out there to gauge the level of interest.