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Hello all.

I recently bought an '06 3.0 Sport X3. It is great to drive and, as a bonus, it is loaded with options/extras - almost everything in the book - and I love it!

One of the many factory-fitted options is a 6 x DVD/CD changer and 2 rear-seat screens (with remote controls and cordless headphones). The car also has the standard in-dash single CD player.

- The single CD player works fine via the in-dash controls and over the car's speakers.
- The DVD/CD changer works fine when the screens are turned on and the remote control is used to navigate the menus, but the sound only comes out over the headphones.
- The in-dash radio/CD will work independently over the speakers while the DVD/CD player is working over the headphones.

But there seems to be a problem...

- I cannot control the CD changer from the in-dash controls and/or get the CDs in the changer to play over the car's speakers. When the radio is playing, and "MODE" is selected, the display says "NO DISC".

(There car did not come with a manual for the DVD/CD changer.)

Do any of you have any experience with this sort of set-up? Do you please know whether the CDs in the changer can be played over the main speakers and, if so, how this is achieved?!

Thank you!


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Matt i'm really sorry but I have zero knowledge of BMW Original stereo equipment:frown

Hopefully some of the other members may be able to assist with this one:D
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