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Thought I would share my experience of DTUK

I had a DTUK tuning box on my last Audi S3 and boy what a difference it made. Previous tuning kits I had used on my BMW diesels were a case of 'I think it's slightly better', but the S3 went from very quick car to blisteringly quick.

So when I came back to the land of BMW, in the form of a 6 month old 4 series GC F36 440i, I thought OK, this is fast enough, I'll keep it stock and put the DTUK box on ebay. Plus removing/fitting the S3 wiring was a nightmare, with one cable being bottom of the engine and I really didn't want to do this to the Bimmer.

My resolve lasted a week, I phoned DTUK to enquire about a new tuning box for the B58 engine and was advised that my current box was within warranty so could get it re-tuned for the GC for free! All I had to do was buy new loom for the BMW. Now I took a sharp intake of breath when advised the price of the loom was £120, but this was still a much better option than trying to sell on eBay.

The final point to convince me was the fact that all the connections points were easily accessible from the top of the engine.

So I cancelled the eBay sale, packed up the box and sent it back to DTUK. I monitored the return and as soon as they received it, I contacted them via chat and Adam 're-tuned' it and dispatched it back to me with new cable the same day.

By the following evening, the new tuning box was in my car and boy, what a difference it makes. Obviously companies can claim all sorts of stuff and take advantage of us, but I take comfort that there are numerous threads where folk have actually tested these boxes (from other suppliers too) independently.

What is even more important here is that via the DTUK web chat, Adam and Simon were constantly available and were able to talk me through the pre-purchase, the purchase, the fitting and a bit of a numpty moment I had too.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending DTUK to anyone … unless they don’t have a car!
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