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well with loss of job and vandals smashing the 318 coupe to death i manage to slvage the wheels (with slashed tyres unfortunatly) but the rest went to the heap as it was kicked scratched and only had a windscreen and passenger window left. i couldnt afford to bring it back so i sat about for while contemplating and needing to egt another car.
problem i had is i had to have another bm. payday came along and i was offerd a ok condition 323i coupe so i jumped and took it .
she was a bit tatty but a good wash polish and t cut and the paints not bad. tidyed her up abit for now needs a bit of work but shes still a sweet motor here is my done and to do list to give you guys the jist of things at my end.

t cut
touch up paint (stonechips)
shampood carpets and mats (original shag pile haha)
fitted the replacement ignition barrel and changed the chip over in the keys
replaced a few plastics
fitted the passenger door card correctly with new screws and plastic clips 12p each from bmw lol


doors repairing and repainting as it looks like iut been near some serious heat at one point.
drivers fog light at front.
seats need a gooooooood clean as the leather is just dirty even though ive cleaned it with all my heart so far.
my 17s from the pic in my sig putting on it
both rear spoilers
and some bits and bobs what tickle my fancie later

ooo and eventualy a manual gearbox

well thanks for reading
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