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Have you ever puzzled upon finding none rods to exactly match your vehicle, or fail to find a high quality crank to upgrade car performance? We now here are going to handle with these problems! One of our services is to custom conrods and crankshaft according customers special needs.

Why will you choose us?

Advantage 1)
The material we used for rods or crank is 4340 EN24 Chrome Moly Steel (rods-forged steel / crank- billet steel) which always be used to manufacture aircraft. Because it is excellent in durability and strength and helps to keep the weight down.

Advantage 2)
The rods are forged and designed by CNC machine, especially all big and small ends are finished with SUNNEN honing machine. All of these machining contributes to keep precision into +/- 1 tolerance.

Every rods are examined by 100% X-ray, sonic test and magnaflux and treated with multi-stage heat.
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Advantage 3)
The crank is examined by minimal heat treatment distortion, resistance to abrasions and burn characteristics in order to control minimal size change and keep core strength.

Advantage 4)
We provide 1 Year warranty and FREE UK shipping and accept 15-day return.

Please feel free to contact us or PE me, if you have any customization demand.


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