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Hi. I bought my 04 reg ,318i 2.0L two months ago.
Few weeks ago I noticed coolant lost (yellow warning sign on). I kept topping up the system each time it was needed as I was unable to locate the leak.
Then couple of days ago expansion tank burst and all the coolant escaped the system. There was a little crack on the side of ET. I replaced the tank.
Yesterday I was on my way to work when yellow warning sign showed up again and most of the coolant disappeared into air. The steam was coming from the pipe that connects ET with radiator. I think it could be that pressure in the system was too high causing this two pipes to separate. I went to my garage where cooling system was carbon or co2 tested etc, to eliminate head gasket failure as a cause.
We then tried to bleed the system again. It seemed all the air was out as car was running on idle for few hours without a problem. This morning I managed to do quite a few miles, but when I stopped at petrol station I put the bonnet up, just to check and I could hear that hissing sound. It was coming from the ET cap. I also noticed, when I move the top bleeding valve (elbow connector), air and hot water mixture escapes the system too. I also noticed today, then when car is hot and running even for a longer while, my radiator is hot from the inside (where the fan is), but stone cold from the outside (except two metal pipes running on top).
Does anyone know here the hell is that pressure building up? Could it be blocked radiator?
In short:
Heating is working
Car is not overheating (even in slow traffic)
Radiator fan kicks in
No carbon in coolant
No pressure loss from the cooling system (when tested at garage)
Radiator hot from inside but cold from outside.

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