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Iv got a bmw 114i 2014....

The problem I am having is the first time I start the car in the morning in the hot or cold weather - the starts up just fine - responsive to the start button and idles and drives just fine ... the problem iv got is after the first journey the car won’t start !!! It will come on idle for couple of second then throw drive train and cut out, after that the car will not start u have to try it for about 5 minutes then it will come on like nothing has happened. No Engine management light or anything. It has to have at least 4 hours between journeys to start up first time!

If I go to work for 8 hours no problem it will start! If I pop in to my mum and dads for 2 hours - no chance it won’t start.

Left me stranded twice and refused to start at all but then the next morning started like nothing had happened!

Only thing been thrown up is

11A002 - fuel high pressure, plausibility pressure too low
Iv had the high pressure fuel pump changed £600 no difference ! I’m at my wits end I wanna get rid of it but I can’t until it’s fixed!

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Might be worth getting the fuel pressure sensor changed and checking the wiring harness to it is clean/properly seated. The fact it's acting up when warm suggests it might be wiring/sensor related as heat tends to increase electrical resistance and exacerbate any sensor or connection issues.

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Is this the same person that’s been messaging me under 3 different girls names with the same problem

Yes I can fix your car if you want me to

If you can’t get it to us I would advise finding a decent bmw independent specialist to look at it in stead of just wasting money changing parts

I decent independent specialist will cost more than the normal garages you have been using but will save you time and money not changing the wrong parts

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