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Hey guys

I'm having a "power cut" issue in my 2000 323i. When clutch kicking in any gear other than first, the power (revs) seems to just shut down.

For example when in 2nd year, if I rev it to 5-6k with the clutch in then lift the clutch (clutch kick) the revs drop 3k and I can't seem to break traction. In 1st gear I am able to clutch kick, break traction and keep the power on but in 2nd it shuts down.

Anyone else experienced this?

Welded stock diff
185/50/15 @ 55PSI

Things I've done:

I had someone with 4 years experience try the car (to rule out driver error) they too had the same problem (power loss in 2nd but fine in 1st)

Disconnected rear speed/abs sensor

Removed all ASC and ABS fuses.

There is no Clutch Delay Valve (CDV) (from what I can see)

No check engine light is present. Engine runs very smooth.

I can rev all the way to redline in 2nd and I can also turn lock to lock whilst revs are high.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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