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This is not model specific, I'm just trying to get a handle on whether anyone has managed to get any of the so called 3G, or third generation, Bridgestone run flats and if so, where?!

There has been a bit of coverage and chat across the web about Bridgestones latest generation RFTs which give a better ride and have cooling fins on the sidwall to enable the sidewalls to stay cooler thereby allowing the RFTs to be less stiff/rigid.

Searching on the forums here I've found comments like "look for the ones with cooling fins" etc. which suggests that they are available. I've been on to Bridgestone and asked specifically where to get the 3G tyres and their response was:

"Thanks for your e enquiry and your interest in our Runflat tyres. We are progressively developing new tyres with 3rd generation technologies. However, most of these developments are destined for new car models at this time. As those cars are introduced to the market, the replacement tyres will also become available. Now we are planning to develop additional sizes that can be sold in the replacement market. However, it will be some time in the future before we see such sizes actually in the shops. Please check our website from time to time for our latest line up."

I need to replace all four tyres on my E92 335i (ouch!) and need to stay with the Bridgestones (car has to stay OE as I've got the BMW insured warranty) and wanted to see if anyone has managed to find any 3G tyres before I take the plunge. Judging by the response from Bridgestone I'm chasing shadows....
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