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The final location, will be undisclosed. Extra has invested approximately £75 million in a new Service Area on the M25 between junctions 9 and 10 at Cobham in Surrey - we will be heading off from here where there will be more than enough space for us all.

We'll be making use of the A24 otherwise known as, The Mole Gap. The Mole Gap is a strong candidate for the most scenic road in the Home Counties, as it twists through the narrow valley through the North Downs. On the Mickleham bends [as this road is referred to] and has 2 lanes southbound.

We are sure this event will surpass the previous Tunnel Run by /BMWOC and be more fun, entertaining with zero confusion and prevent attendees getting lost.

We hope you can all attend, and par take in the other forms of entertainment lined up..

So please encourage fellow BMW owners to join in this mid-afternoon till late event - as we are very sure you will not be disappointed.



We have now setup to be breaking a world record in the "largest BMW convoy" as part of "THE RUN" - a record currently exists, set by 278 Issetas, we WILL be beating this!! But lets make this unbeatable guys so we need as many of you in attendance as possible!!!

Currently we are expecting somewhere in the region of 700-1000 BMWs (hard to get an accurate figure at present due to wide spread knowledge) - all of whom are taking part in this GWR breaking convoy approx an hours drive away, keeping south of london. Yes that is a lot of BMWs and yes that is a long convoy.. around about 3.5 to 5miles in length ... or thereabouts...

Want to be a part of the biggest BMW meet, and drive this world has ever seen? Then Get yourself to the Cobham Services on the M25 located between junctions 9 and 10 this Saturday (23rd).


We are now attempting another record breaking challenge.. to do the largest Harlem Shake!!! This will take place at the start location, so feel free to wear something silly, or a mask, or just come as yourself - all in a bit of fun :)



- /BMWOC Event Management

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