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• BMW M GmbH’s vision of future high-performance X vehicle design.
• The first standalone BMW M vehicle since the iconic M1.
• Global unveiling at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021.
• Production to begin in late 2022 at Plant Spartanburg, South Carolina.

November 29, 2021 Today at Art Basel’s 2021 Miami Beach show,
BMW M GmbH is presenting a radical new vehicle concept on the global stage for the first
time. The BMW Concept XM looks ahead to the most powerful BMW M car ever to go into
series production, which is set to begin at the end of 2022. Electrification underpins an
extraordinary driving experience which allows the driver to both glide along in near silence and
enjoy the engaging pleasure of high performance driving, M-style. The BMW Concept XM
provides a preview of the new front end design for BMW’s forthcoming luxury-class models. It
also introduces a highly progressive and distinctive take on BMW X model design, and an allnew form of luxury and sense of space for the interior.

The series-production model – the BMW XM – will begin production at the end of 2022 at
BMW Group Plant Spartanburg in South Carolina; the US being the most important sales
market for the new high-performance vehicle. BMW M will therefore be introducing its first
standalone vehicle since the legendary BMW M1 in the year it celebrates its 50th anniversary.
The BMW XM will be available only as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and exclusively as an M model.

The bold exterior styling of the BMW Concept XM reflects the vehicle’s exceptional
performance attributes: power, agility, and precision, plus an all-electric range of up to 80 km
(WLTP) and up to 30 miles (preliminary estimate, not an official EPA value). The newly
developed M Hybrid drive system in the BMW Concept XM brings together a V8 engine and a
high-performance electric motor to develop a maximum output of 750 hp and peak torque of
737 lb-ft. The first electrified vehicle from BMW M GmbH in the high-performance segment is
emphatically pointing the way forward for the future of the brand.

“The BMW Concept XM represents a complete re-imagining of the high-performance vehicle
segment,” says Franciscus van Meel, CEO of BMW M GmbH. “It underlines the ability of BMW
M GmbH to break with established conventions and push boundaries in order to offer fans of
the brand the ultimate driving experience. The series-production vehicle – the first pure BMW
M model since the legendary BMW M1 – also shows how we are approaching the step-by-step electrification of our brand.”

BMW M goes its own way in the luxury segment.

The BMW Concept XM sees BMW M GmbH forging a distinctive path in the luxury segment.
The car’s exterior emphasizes presence and extroverted appeal. Inside the BMW Concept XM,
a distinct presentation of the driver-focused cockpit for which M models are renowned meets
an all-new rear compartment design; with its high-comfort seats and illuminated, sculptural
headliner, the M Lounge offers passengers a luxurious retreat.

“The design of the BMW Concept XM is an extravagant statement by BMW M in the heart of
the luxury segment,” says Domagoj Dukec, Vice President BMW Design. “It has a resolutely
standalone identity and embodies an expressive lifestyle like no other model in the BMW lineup.”

The front end: progressive design for maximum presence.

The BMW Concept XM debuts the new, progressive front end design for BMW’s luxury-class
models, a version of which will be seen for the first time in 2022 as part of the BMW model
offensive in the luxury segment. The headlights have been split into two separate modules, a
new design feature which creates a visually arresting appearance. The daytime driving light
signature in the sharply styled, slim upper module is particularly eye-catching. The kidney grille
featuring horizontal slats sits boldly between the headlights and tapers towards the outer edges, producing a near-octagonal outline that emphasises the front end’s dynamic character.

The black kidney grille elements are enclosed within an intricate surround and appear almost to
be floating freely within a high-gloss black surface. M-style double bars within the grille add to
the perception of width. Vibrant contour lighting sets off the grille, ensuring the striking
composition of the kidneys and the daytime driving lights is immediately recognizable even in
the dark. The new XM logo in the kidney grille and the large air intakes allude to the power of
the V8 engine, which is teamed with the electric motor to form the M Hybrid system.

M-specific details point to uninhibited performance.

The greenhouse of the BMW Concept XM rises vertically, accentuating the front end’s strong,
imposing feel. The color of the roof contrasts with the black finish of the A-pillars. The
windscreen appears to have a steeper rake as a result, injecting a modern vitality into the front
end. Slim LED lights have been incorporated into the roof above the A-pillars. The boldly
sculpted hood extends the contours of the kidney grille back in the form of two power domes.
A pair of air intakes in the hood mimic the appearance of the LED lights in the roof and add
extra dynamic flair. Framing the statuesque body at its lower edge are the clean-cut black
surfaces of the front apron. Triangular body-colored blades at the outer edges accentuate the
vertical air intakes while emphasising the sporty and robust stance of the BMW Concept XM.
The side view: an expression of unbridled dynamism.

The powerful and heavily contoured proportions of the BMW Concept XM highlight the
vehicle’s confidently unique identity and draw the eye to the coupé-like character of the body.
The visually striking front end, long hood and stretched, sloping roofline present a characterful
design with a distinctive silhouette. The side glass tapers significantly as it approaches the rear,
heightening the athleticism of the side view.

The two-tone paint finish of the BMW Concept XM further accentuates its distinctive lines: the
upper section is matte gold-bronze, while the lower section is finished in Space Grey Metallic.
Below the side glass, a broad, high-gloss black boundary – the “black belt” – separates the two
exterior colors. The signature two-post M exterior mirrors give the car a technical, sporty edge.
The charge port door aft of the front-left wheel is a reminder of the M Hybrid drive system

Throughout the side view, deliberately short character lines, which start off boldly before fading
softly, accentuate the car’s agile, modern feel. The expressive rear lights extend well into the
car’s flanks and create a striking transition into the rear. The black cladding above the wheels
and on the side skirts – typical of BMW X models – is sharply defined and gives the body an
elevated appearance. The elongated body sits on 23-inch light-alloy wheels, which bring extra
power and solidity to the side view.

The rear: powerful stature and newly interpreted design.

The design of the rear end likewise accentuates the vehicle’s powerful stature, and the
BMW Concept XM cuts a low and sporty figure from this angle. The rear window is mounted
almost seamlessly. The fresh interpretation of the design can also be seen in the arrangement
of the two BMW roundels, which are laser-etched into the rear window below each of the two
cantrails. This is a stylistic reference to the BMW M1; until now, the only example of a
standalone model developed exclusively by BMW M GmbH.

Lower down at the rear, prominently flared wheel arches draw attention to the BMW Concept
XM’s powerful stance on the road. Extremely slim L-shaped rear lights extending across almost
the entire width of the rear add to the effect. The lights themselves are completely black when
not active, revealing a precise and uniform beam of red when switched on. Dominating the rear
apron are the characteristic twin tailpipes of BMW M models. The dual-branch, twin-tailpipe
exhaust system employed here reduces backpressure for the V8 engine while generating the
emotionally rich M-typical soundtrack accompanying the engine’s formidable power delivery.
The vertical arrangement and hexagonal shape of the tailpipes breathe new life into this
classically iconic design element.

The interior design – high performance and extroverted luxury.

Inside the BMW Concept XM, the driver will find a distinctive M interpretation of driver-focused
cockpit design. The lines and surface design of the instrument panel, center console, door trim
and seats give the ambience in the front compartment a progressive feel with their powerful
geometry and high-quality materials. Brown, vintage-look leather, copper and carbon fiber
create a bridge between luxury and motorsport. A bold trim element provides clear visual
separation between the driver’s area and the other sections of the interior.

Inside the cockpit area, a decorative surface made from carbon fiber with interwoven copper
thread creates a sporty and distinctive backdrop for displays, air vents and control/operating
elements. The new BMW Curved Display screen positioned above it creates a balance
between traditional driver focus and modern digital presentation. Red accents on the steering
wheel and center console are M-specific references to the vehicle’s sporting intention. A trio of
vertical elements presented in the three colors of the BMW M brand logo form the heart of the
center console.

Spacious and luxurious: the M Lounge.

The unwavering driver focus of the front compartment contrasts with the indulgently luxurious,
lounge-like ambience in the rear of the BMW Concept XM. Special materials, visually powerful
surfaces and expressive details turn the rear seating into the exclusive M Lounge. Black-tinted
rear side windows underscore the abiding sense of privacy here. While warm brown leather
dominates the front compartment, the rear is presented in the deep aquamarine shade Petrol.
The broad rear bench with its deep recesses forms an inviting space to relax. Only the
diamond-shaped area of the head restraints – which provides the support familiar from BMW M
Sport seats in other models – is finished in leather. The lower sections of the seats offer
enveloping comfort and an exclusive salon-like atmosphere with their luxurious velvet
upholstery and diamond quilting. Deep pile carpeting in a diamond pattern adds to the sense of

Illuminated and sculptural: the headliner.

The visual highlight of the cabin is the headliner with its three-dimensional prism structure. A
combination of indirect and direct lighting produces a relief-like structure which showcases the
headliner as a work of art. Together with the ambient lighting, it highlights the BMW Concept
XM’s blend of luxury and comfort to extremely striking effect. The ambient lighting can be
activated in the three BMW M colors.

BMW Curved Display with M-specific user interface.

Based on the latest generation of BMW iDrive, the M-specific version of the control/operation
system renders the high-performance character of the BMW Concept XM within the digital
world. Displayed in the familiar three M colors, the user interface lends itself perfectly to a
sporty driving experience. It presents the modes of the hybrid drive system as well as the pure-electric driving mode with captivating aesthetic appeal. The BMW Curved Display provides the
perfect stage for presenting this tailored design and previews the user interface that will bring
extra intensity to the driving experience in all future BMW M models.
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Interesting post with all that info, thanks.
Unfortunately it exemplifies almost everything wrong with modern BMW and modern car design generally.
I understand that BMW are looking for a new direction for their cars and they want to "stand out" but unfortunately the way in which they are choosing to do that at present makes them stand out for all the wrong reasons and in the most comically tasteless and contrived way imaginable.

Obviously not everyone is going to agree with me but I find it very hard to reconcile this kind of vulgar and graceless approach with the company that produced so many attractive, tasteful and elegant cars in the past that we all know and love 20/30/40+ years later.
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