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I have just bought my E70 and one of the first thing that I noticed was that when you press to open the glovebox it sticks and you have to catch it and open it manually. Upon investigation it appears that the leather is peeling in the corners and catching. The recommended fix is to replace for £70.
As I am a cheapskate I decided to fix it. You need to open the glovebox then remove a long thin panel from the inside of the top panel, this reveals about 6 small screws which you remove and the lid is free.
You will notice that both the top corners are coming away from the plastic back panel. I mixed some araldite rapid then slightly prized forward the corner and scraped the glue inside. To ensure it sticks I clamped it for an hour and once released it was solid.
I then refitted it and hey presto when I press the open button it automatically opens.

Hope this helps
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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