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I have recently purchased a 2016 BMW 320d from a non BMW garage.
The car was 24 months old (35'000 miles )when I bought it and still has 1 years warranty as standard.
I noticed after a couple of months the bottom of the drivers door seal has split near the tread plate, I have taken the car to my nearest BMW garage and thought they would just change to door seal as it is still under warranty.
However they said the door seal is not covered under warranty due to wear and tear and asked for £130 to change it or go back to where I bought it and ask them which is not really an option (3hour drive). I was surprised by this and asked them to leave it.

I have a 14 year old E46 which I have owned for 7 years (60'000 miles) and never change the door seal in this time and still look fine.

Can anybody advise if this should be a warranty replacement ?

Thanks in advance

Yep unfortunately BMW don’t cover door seals on their warranty(just renewed my extended warranty). I seen that in the things that aren’t covered by the warranty but tbh the things that are covered massively outweigh the things that aren’t!

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