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ROYTON BMW (Abram Patel T/A)
I ordered a gearbox (£550) from this outfit for my 530. However, when it arrived I had it checked over by an auto gearbox specialist and it apparently came off a 328. When I queried this I was told that it would still work in a 530 even though the specialist said otherwise. When I asked for a refund I was told that I could only have a credit note (so that I could have other parts that didn't fit).

I made the mistake of paying by debit card instead of a credit card so I ended up taking them to the Small Claims' Court and even though I won the case I'm still waiting for my money many months later. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm sure these con artists have this scam perfected in the sense that when the bailiff calls the person in question is never around. Mr Patel, in this case, also has one address from which he works but all correspondence (and bailiffs) go to another address.

I hope this post manages to save others from potential losses either at Royton BMW or similar. I've now learned that it is always best to pay by credit card where you can ask the card company to do a 'charge back' if things go wrong.

P.S. Anybody want to buy a gearbox from an 2001-02 328?

My experience of using this BMW spares supplier/breaker is that I rang asking for a particular part. I was told that he had the part in stock (how fortunate) but he didn't accept credit cards, only a direct cash payment into his bank account. I was that desperate I went ahead.

When the part arrived (£200) it didn't fit (fancy that). I rang him to arrange for a refund and arranged to return the part. After several weeks of different excuses (and a cheque that bounced) I still hadn't received a refund and so took him to court (more time and expense). I won the case but I'm still waiting for my money. I'm sure these fiddling prats have it all down to a fine art; when the bailiff calls Mr Thompson is never around.

I hope this helps somebody avoid wasting the time and money that I did.

C D Thompson T/A Motorsport BMW Specialists
Unit 3, Junella Buildings

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