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I would like to share an experience with BMW Park Lane in London in order to protect other potential BMW buyers for the unprofessional practices of BMW Park Lane.

In 2016 I purchased a new BMW X3 at BMW Park Lane including the BMW Service Inclusive Package. This Service Package does cover the service costs as described in detail in the Terms & Conditions for 5 years or maximum 50k mls. The service must be carried out by an official BMW dealer, furthermore is the Service Inclusive Package is transferable to subsequent owners of the car.

Now I discovered by coincidence that BMW Park Lane have their own different interpretation of the sales contract we have closed and the Terms & Conditions for the BMW Service Inclusive Package. The first 4 years you can have the car serviced at any official BMW dealer in Europe, however the 5th year only in the UK according to BMW Park Lane.

I did complain about this and asked to solve the issue. What has happened since is unbelievable for an official BMW ‘Premium’ dealer. The Sales Manager of BMW Park Lane does refuse to call me back, writes only unpolite emails in which he falsely accuses me. The General Manager of BMW Park Lane does not reply to any email at all and just forwards the issue to his ‘Customer Experience’ manager. And, of course, the Customer Experience Manager does not go against what the Sales manager has said already. BMW Park Lane has acknowledged multiple times that they breach the sales contract and the T&C, but refuse to change anything in this respect. And the only thing I ask for is that they deliver me what is described in the contract and what I have paid for.

After weeks they offered to pay me 175 GBP compensation (?) and later to pay me back the full 525 GBP extra price for the BMW Service Inclusive Package. Nobody has answered the question why they think to have the right the breach the legal contract we have?
I insist to receive the BMW Service Inclusive package I purchased. Nothing more, but also nothing less.

Now the interesting part for potential buyers of a new BMW vehicle at BMW Park Lane:
Know that BMW Park Lane has a special status within the BMW Group. They don’t own any responsibility to BMW UK and seem to be totally independent. They can breach a sales contract with a BMW customer without any consequences for them within the BMW Group.
The only way to get a problem solved and/or to get your right if you have a complaint with BMW Park Lane in London is to go the legal route. That is what I call a ‘Premium’ BMW Customer Experience!


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I’ve see this may times
That’s why all the dealers are franchise
When they screw up bmw uk don’t want to know and you will have to take the dealer to court

I’ve been to many a dealer around the world and they will always sort things out for there customers

I’ve even been in dealers in Asia tuning BMW cars for them and helped fix problems cars out there (out in Asia if they can’t fix your car they can’t charge you a cent)

It’s different here in the uk

I’ve repaired cars that the local dealer have messed up then asked me to look at them at there premises, I proved many times they didn’t need to fit £2000-3000 Eletrical cars to cars because it was a wire they never checked causing all the problems

Then when I paid them to repaint my f10 m5 they messed it up with burnt through paint, left bare metal where they didn’t put any paint on and so on

They never put things right ever even when I went back there many times

BMW Uk are a waste of time as they don’t get involved as there dealers are all franchises

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hmm, so if you purchased the car in 2016 then the car is still less than 5/4 years old, right? I'm sorry for asking though if it's still in way before
this service package ends, than what is the issue in here?

I just read the post out of curiosity because I work for BMW Mini Oxford, we got a discount for bmw parts and that's where they're delivered from :)
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