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I believe that most of the happy and proud owners of BMW E series or Mini probably heard about the issue of FRM3 module.
Its happens unexpected with the common faults: no lights, indicators or power windows.
The chip inside it - 3M25J - loosing his structure and our module not responding anymore. It usually happens when battery was disconnected or very low - but that's no a rule. Fixing this issue is not straight forward. No any obd tools could bring it back to function. Even coding or programming will not sort out problem. The only possible way to recover the module is bench solution.
To perform this fix you need some basic electronic skills and one of many BDM programmers also this software attached in this post. Purchasing supported programmer it will cost you lot less then buying new FRM module from main dealer :)

Please be aware, before decide to go ahead:

This solution is ONLY for FRM3 from E SERIES (about 2007-2013)
*You need double check all fuses.
*You need BDM programmer.
*Need fully understand whole process otherwise your recovery may completely brick the module.
*All faults comes together: indicators not working, lights stays on or off all the time, power windows not working, no communication with any diagnostic tool.
If any of this faults is missing of the list or you have still communication with module please skip this thread.

It is Not suitable for:

*FRM 3 from F series
*FRM 2 from E series
*If you have intermittent issue with lights, windows problems or some other faults reading via diagnostic device.

Once again. Please research the web before you decide that you want to try the fixing. Also is up to you which BDM programmer is good for you. Using some cheaper you need to use the software from attachment while more expensive will do the whole job automatically.

In attachment D-Flash to EEE software and basic procedure how to do it. Also you can find all FRM3 part numbers to make sure you have the right one.

Please click the thanks button if that was helpful.

Download & instruction
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