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BMW F30 F31 320i 330i Armytrix Bolt-On Decat/Cat-Back Valvetronic Exhaust System (2015-present / B48B20)

BMW F32 F33 420i 430i Armytrix Bolt-On Decat/Cat-Back Valvetronic Exhaust System (2015-present / B48B20)

Valves Opened (Crackles & Pops), Valves Closed Sound Difference - Fitted With Decat Full Exhaust

By following the creed of achieving the most power, superior sound and true versatility, Armytrix builds supreme performance valvetronic exhaust systems that are second to none. All fostered by a culture of perseverance and innovation. ARMYTRIX not only creates exhausts, we create experiences.

ARMYTRIX stands for the philosophy of arming the vehicle with the most advanced exhaust system technology that’ll challenge everything you thought you knew about performance driving. Precision and innovation, we break down barriers and blaze our own trail. This is the Armytrix Way.

Our desire to innovate is constant. The valvetronic system brings about unprecedented versatility to everyday driving. Our OBDII dongle revolutionized the way the industry approaches the installation process. The Armytrix APP constructs a brand new way for the user to access and interact with the vehicle.

Our pioneering spirit has led to this revolutionary progression of valve control. In the name of attaining more flexibility and versatility, we introduce the Armytrix smartphone app. Works in conjunction with the original key fob controller, the user gains another valuable asset in asserting total dominance. Quick and effortless one-touch command is all that’s required to experience the polar opposite end of the sound spectrum. The main feature of the app is the in-depth selections, from RPM to oil temperature which are displayed and logged in real-time. The rein is in your hand, command the chariot as you wish!

  • Plug & Play
  • Reduce Installation Time by 50%
  • Deletion of O2-related CEL Code
  • Real Time Update of Vehicle Status
  • Multiple Selectable Options (RPM, Speed, etc.)
  • Reliable | Efficient | Secure
  • First Ever APP Controlled Valvetronic System via OBDII Port

  • Fabricated from T304 stainless steel
  • Top TIG welding techniques
  • Noticeable weight reduction versus OEM exhaust
  • Responsive valvetronic system for improved functionality
  • Unrestricted design for the extra exhaust flow from engine
  • Different autitory sensations accompany specific rev ranges
  • 3 unique tips options (Elegant chrome silver/Fierce matte black/Exquisite burn blue)
  • Perfect fitment by precision design and crafting
  • All-around performance to satisfy driving needs

High-flow performance de-catted down pipe with cat simulator

Full Set: High-flow performance de-catted down pipe with cat simulator + Front pipe (BF32B-F) + Mid pipe 1 (BF32B-M1) + Mid pipe 2 (BF32B-M2) + Valvetronic mufflers (BF32B-VM)+ Wireless remote control kits (OWRC) + Dual silver tips (2X89mm)

Cat-Back: Front pipe (BF32B-F) + Mid pipe 1 (BF32B-M1) + Mid pipe 2 (BF32B-M2) + Valvetronic mufflers (BF32B-VM)+ Wireless remote control kits (OWRC) + Dual silver tips (2X89mm)
Exquisite Blue Coated Dual-Tips

Fierce Matte Black Dual-Tips

Elegant Chrome Silver Dual-Tips

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North America Office - Order Email: [email protected]

E.U. Office - Order Call: 82 2 2217 4569
E.U. Office - Order Email: [email protected]

U.K. Office - Order Call: +44 1274 864457
U.K. Office - Order Email: [email protected]

Other Country Please Visit Our Dealer Page
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