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Hi, i'm hoping you guys can help me with 2 queries i have.

Firstly, since i bought my 2013 730d, i have had a few air susp problems. One of the rear struts was leaking and caused an idrive 'chassis' error, so i replaced it with a second hand part (to try avoid the £1500 part from main stealer or the arnott replacement at this stage) which seems ok and no leaks. However, after replacing the strut, the compressor seems to have stopped working-it usually made a 10sec noise each morning when i opened a door, but doesnt now. Does anyone know how long the suspension stays fully pressurised without the compressor? It has taken about 11 days to go from normal height to about 5cm (from wheel arch to top of alloy wheel). Is it normal for the system to de-pressurise in this time period (i.e. unused for 10days+) or does it look like the system has another leak?

Secondly, has anyone ever converted their air susp to normal coil springs on an F01? From doing a bit of research on air susp issues, i have stumbled across a few posts about E65 owners who have made the conversion. Would an F10 5 series mechanical spring/strut setup fit the gap for example? If anyone knows of a post on the forum which has this information, that would be really useful to consider as another option (i couldnt see anything).

Thanks in advance guys.
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