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Hi Everyone!

We offer a large variety of exhaust products for BMW cars. We have our own line of racing exhaust products for older BMW:s for example 02.series, E21, E30, E36 etc. Our own product line focuses on maximum performance for racing and tuned up street cars.

Here is a few examples of our own products:

100028 E36 M3 stainless steel exhaust system. Dual 2,5" tubing with free-flow silencer. Replaces cat. Price is 950€ including VAT24% + shipping to UK is 33€
Product link: BMW E36 M3 Race system 2x63,5mm - Martelius-Exhaust Oy

100002 E21/E30 6-cyl exhaust manifold. Improves power and torque. Price is 550€ including VAT24% and shipping to UK is 33€
Product link: BMW E21/E 30 6-cyl manifold - Martelius-Exhaust Oy

We also repserent top line exhaust manufacturers like Armytrix, Akrapovic, Magnaflow, Supersprint and Simons. All of them have products fro BMW and they are all available from us. For Supersprint and Magnaflow, please contact our sales for a quote for an exhaust system for your car, all others can be found on our webshop trough this link:
Part Catalog - Martelius-Exhaust Oy
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