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Hi. I have a BMW 318i E90. The timing was out so recently it’s had a new timing chain put it. Prior to that I had various misfire issues where I had plugs, coils, injectors changed. After this recent timing chain change the rough idling is at the worst it’s been. I have scanned the car and I am getting the following codes:

OBD 2:
P0012 - ‘A’ Camshaft position - Timing over retarded bank 1
P0171 - System too lean bank 1

2E8E - Intelligent battery sensor
2A82 - Variable camshaft timing (VANOS) inlet, mechanism
29D0 - Misfire cylinder 4

Before the timing chain replacement I was getting mainly misfire codes and spent lots of money and time getting that sorted. I took it to the dealers who diagnosed it and said the timing was off. I got the timing chain done by an independent. Driving wise the car seems better now with the new timing chain but the rough idle which I’ve always experienced has gone even worse. Any idea on what I can do here? The idling was bad after the chain replacement but has gone worse after I fuelled up my tank. Can hear some clicking noises too. Any help would be highly appreciated as I’ve already spent a lot on this car and what to see what I can do myself at home before I take it to the garage. Thank you.
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