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Hi all,

Just a bit of background to help set the scene.

Bought my first BMW (2006 520D) back in April. The trader placed the water pump and timing chain as well as the turbo (2nd hand fitted). Anyway, I had a coolant leak after driving it back home where it turned out the garage that replaced the water pump didnt do a good job of it.

So after driving it for a week after it was fixed, I was still losing coolant so after a couple of attempts by a local garage (the rear brake pipes, padds and sensor were replaced at this time too), I took it to a local BMW specialist who said the leak was caused by the thermostat so they replaced this, but did mention that whoever fitted the water pump did a bodge job as there were loads of sealant around where the core plugs were - we agreed not to investigate it further in the event it highlighted a bigger problem plus I was limited on cash at the time.

Within the next 2 weeks, I noticed the leak appearing again, this time with an obvious puddle underneath the engine and then my starter motor went - so booked it in at the same garage and asked them to look into what was behind the lumps of sealant. Luckily after chipping away, they found that the coolant leak was caused by a core plug and replaced it as well as fitting a new starter motor.

Another 2 weeks later and all seeming well - the coolant light came on the dash as I was driving home! When I lifted the bonnet, the coolant was splashed all over the engine bay - after a 4 hour wait to get towed home. I topped up the water in the expansion tank and noticed it all coming out again from the thermostat housing so I contacted the garage who replaced it a few weeks prior and they arranged for the car to be collected.

The garage fixed the issue but did state that it was not caused by the thermostat but by a smaller stat just above it (EGR valve?) so they replaced it free of charge - all seems to be working again, I also noticed that I was no longer getting a creaking noise after a cold start for 10 mins when turning the steering wheel (also sounded like the fan was on) so it appears that the small thermostat also fixed this issue.

Now fast forward to today - driving home from my mams again (the last 2 times resulted in starter motor and the coolant leak last week) - as I was nearly home, I heard a ping and then a warning came on saying 'Increased Emissions' along with the EML - no noticable drop in power either so far (light stays on after starting the engine again).

Having already spent £900 on top of the £1900 to buy the car, I am now at the point I cannot afford to make any further repairs until February (when I get my bonus) so I was just after some thoughts of others who have had similar experiences.

Could the 'increased emissions' issue be caused when they replaced the smaller thermostat last week (is this the EGR valve) by not connecting everything back properly? Might be one for me to ask them to take a look I suppose.

or, could this be caused by the DPF being blocked and needs regenerating by a good run? The car has only been around the doors the last few weeks and even today, it was mostly 30 driving and a lot of lights.

I am meant to be driving to our Leeds office on Wednesday (200 mile round trip) so is it worth still going even with this light on with the hope a long run will clear it? I have not noticed any power issues afte rthe light first came on but not driven it far since.

I am really tempted to cut my losses over the next few months and just buy a cheap runner in February - especially as there is other issues that need looking at (such as front brakes clicking when pressed at lower speeds)....

Sorry for long first post - been a very stressful couple of months :)
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