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Hello everyone,

I am new on this forum, I have been reading through alot of threads and have found very helpful information provided by you people, so my sincere thanks to you all :thumbsup

I have recently purchased a Bmw E46 318ci SE (M43 Engine - 1.9) and it is completely basic. I bought a small engine due to the constant increase in the petrol prices and the ridiculous rise in the insurance premium...especially in the London area :mad

I was searching for E46's for quite some time but I couldn't make my mind up which one to zero in for....UNTIL....I came across my newly purchased E46 318ci in Hell Rot Red :jaw-dropping
I felt the colour stood out since it is an individual colour so it would be a good buy :hihi

I only bought it nearly a month ago and it was COMPLETELY standard since it is an SE model. However from the time I've bought this I have done a few mods to it:
CCFL Rings
HID Xenon 6000K
18" MV2 Alloys
Boot Lip Spoiler
Number Plate Led Bulbs
Privacy Glass
Kenwood Motorised Screen (Most likely change it again)

On my to do list are the following:
Matt Black Kidney Grill
Led Rear Lights
Twin Exhaust (Back box only)
Full Cream Leather Seats (Memory)
Full M-Sport Bumpers (Maybe)

I think the E46 318ci is a fantastic looking car just like the other E46 models but one of the big let down in my opinion is the single pipe from the exhaust :silly
I really really like the twin exhaust look on the E46 and am now contemplating on which exhaust (back box only) to install? Some of the universal exhuasts look really good but once installed on my car will sound like a chav :embarrassed and that's something I want to avoid! I've read on other forums that the 318ci exhaust can be replaced with an exhaust from a 323ci/328ci as they have a single pipe going in with a slightly bigger size bore?

Can some one please give me some guidance please?

Thank you in advance

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I'd keep an eye out for a 318 fitment exhaust from a good manufacturer, like supersprint, scorpion etc.
Honestly mate, I don't want to be spending too much on the exhaust hence I was looking at universal exhuasts at one point, or even exhausts from a 323ci/328ci.
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